At first select the 'Create VRE' option in the services dropdown list.

userguide orka_vre_create

Choose the project in which the resources will be assigned.

userguide orka_vre_project_selection

Configure the common settings for that Virtual Research Environment. You will have to choose the category of the environment and the equivalent image, the server's name and the public ssh key you may want to assign to that server. Depending on the category you will choose, you may also be asked to provide some more settings. For example, if you choose to build a DSpace Digital Repository, the Admin Pass and the Admin Email are required to proceed.

userguide orka_vre_common_settings

Finally choose the size of CPUs, RAM and Disk Size of that VM or choose one of the predefined VRE flavors. Then click the 'Create VRE Server' button to continue.

userguide orka_vre_hardware_settings

NOTE: The admin and root password of the VRE VM will be shown in the message box so don't forget to right them down.

After the process is finished, your Personal Orka Server Dashboard will be updated as follows:

userguide orka_vre_create_finish