Step 1: Add a new disk

First, select the "Disks" icon from the top options bar and press the big bright orange button! userguide disk_creation_button

Then make sure that the "Empty disk" option is chosen in the "Available disks" frame and press the "next" button to move on.

userguide select_disk_frame

Step 2: Select disk size

If you are a member of a project, you can select from the drop-down list whether you want to use the quotas of the project or the default quotas that exist in your account. Next, you may select the disk size by moving the cursor in the size bar or by writing the size you want in the small frame right next to the bar.

userguide select_disk_size

NOTE: If the disk space you set is larger than the available one, you will see the size automatically being set in the largest you can choose.

Step 3: Select Machine

In this step you will see a list of your existing VMs from which you may select the one that the new disk will be attached.

userguide select_machine

Step 4: Select disk details

At this point, you can name your new disk and provide useful info about it.

userguide disk_details

Step 5: Confirmation

Next, you will see a summary of your choices. If everything seems fine to you, by clicking the "create disk" button, your order will be processed and your new disk will be available in no time!

userguide disk_confirmation

NOTE: The new disk will be created as unformatted. This means that you should format the new disk as you wish (e.g NTFS).