• 07 MAY 2014


    Hi ~okeanos users,

    The past few months, since the start of the beta phase, have been quite a ride. Your enthusiasm in ~okeanos was unexpectedly high! We've literally had thousands of new users coming in, who in turn have created hundreds of thousand of new VMs. This was way more than what we expected and a major cause for celebration. Yet, in the back of our heads we also knew that at some point we would need to take some measures before things get too crowdy.

    We decided to think of VMs as 'meters' and set the boundary high ... read more

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  • 10 APR 2014


    Have you checked your heart lately? Good.
    How about your OpenSSL library? No? Well, you should.

    There is a rather dangerous OpenSSL bug on the wild, that affects versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f (inclusive). Briefly, all services that employ HTTPS and use the buggy OpenSSL library are exposed to sensitive information leaks. Passwords, certificates and just about anything you want to keep private can be stolen. For a more thorough explanation on this subject, we suggest you read this site, which has all the information you need.

    The ... read more

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  • 23 DEC 2013


    Hello okeanos users,

    Many of you have already noticed that the beta version of ~okeanos manages your IPs in a new way. Our previous blog post explains what are the new features. We will provide some excerpts of this blog post below:

    Public IPs

    Next to your 'machines' and 'networks' two new tabs just appeared. The first one reads 'public IPs'. Until now, every machine that you created got connected to the public network (Internet) and was automatically assigned a public IPv4 by the ~okeanos infrastructure. Although this was sufficient for most of you, our advanced users asked ... read more

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  • 18 DEC 2013


    It's Beta Baby!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come.

    Today ~okeanos opens its doors to the whole Greek Academic and Research community. Everyone that has an account on a Greek Academic or Research institution can instanlty login (by clicking "Academic Login") and get:

    • 2 VMs
    • 2 vCPUs
    • 6GB RAM
    • 100GB System Disk
    • 5 Private Networks
    • 1 Public IPv4
    • 50GB File Storage Space

    Furthermore, one can get additional resources by applying for an ~okeanos Project, which will get manually moderated by the ~okeanos team. Projects can be found on your ~okeanos Dashboard and starting today, they are your new best friends.

    ... read more

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  • 16 DEC 2013


    Hello everybody,

    Two days left for beta and new features are already here!

    As you may have already noticed, new things have popped up on your ~okeanos Web UI. And new things are under the hood too. Let's take a quick tour:

    1. Active CPUs and RAM

    Starting today, we introduce a new, more sophisticated tracking mechanism for your CPUs and RAM that will allow you to create even more machines. How does it work?

    We now track only your active CPUs and RAM. This results in CPU and RAM usage only when your machine is running. If you shutdown ... read more

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