• 22 JAN 2016


    We'd like to inform you about scheduled network maintenance in our Datacenter between 16:00-18:00 EEST on Friday, Jan 22 2016.

    Your VMs and Pithos+ files should remain unaffected. The maintenance is expected to cause minor disruptions to the ~okeanos service, with transient loss of connectivity to the VMs, Cyclades and Pithos+ Web UIs and their APIs.
    We cannot e xclude longer periods of connectivity loss within this window, but we will strive to keep them to a minimum.

    Thanks for your understanding,
    the ~okeanos team

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  • 24 DEC 2015


    Merry Christmas!

    It's Christmas time! We have been listening to your requests and wishes and we have a gift sack for you, full of handy applications and a "more resources for more users" plan.

    Keep your files in sync with Agkyra: our brand new syncing client provides access to your data across your Linux, Mac OS, and Windows machines. With a discreet GUI (and a matching CLI, if you are into it), it syncs your data to the cloud in a Pithos+ container.
    More info on Agkyra

    Backup your machine with BaaS: our new Backup-as-a-Service application backs up and restores ... read more

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  • 21 DEC 2015


    UPDATE: All works completed successfully

    Due to infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, the ~okeanos service will be disrupted between 09:00 and 12:00 EET on Wednesday, December 23.

    Any running Cyclades VMs will be temporarily shut down during maintenance and automatically restarted afterwards.
    The Cyclades and Pithos Web UI and APIs will also be inaccessible in the above timeframe.

    The upgrades are necessary to improve our services.

    The ~okeanos team

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  • 20 MAY 2015


    A major upgrade has been made available in the software running our VM infrastructure.

    The new version has many performance and security enhancements.
    You must restart, using our API or the UI, your VM(s) in order to start using the new version.

    IMPORTANT : This Friday (22/May/2015) we will restart all VMs that will be using the old version of the virtualization software.

    The upgrade involves the Qemu-kvm package (from version 2.0.0+dfsg-4 to 2.1+dfsg-12)

    The list of changes are:

    The ~okeanos team

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  • 01 MAY 2015


    Our fast and reliable network object storage Archipelago is thriving. About 60% (over 3000) of the running VMs use Archipelago.This is very encouraging for us, spurring us to go further with our storage innovation plans.
    At the same time, it means that we are getting close to our current maximum capacity set aside for Archipelago storage.

    To ensure the stability and the performance of the currently running VMs, and of the service as a whole, we need to stabilise our storage demands. So, for the next few months we will not allow the creation of Archipelago VMs.

    Of course, you ... read more

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