24 DEC 2015


Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas time! We have been listening to your requests and wishes and we have a gift sack for you, full of handy applications and a "more resources for more users" plan.

Keep your files in sync with Agkyra: our brand new syncing client provides access to your data across your Linux, Mac OS, and Windows machines. With a discreet GUI (and a matching CLI, if you are into it), it syncs your data to the cloud in a Pithos+ container.
More info on Agkyra

Backup your machine with BaaS: our new Backup-as-a-Service application backs up and restores your local and virtual Linux, Mac OS, and Windows machines on demand. Backups are full or incremental and are kept safe and encrypted in your Pithos+ account.
More info on BaaS

More resources to more users: we are offering a VM of 1 core, 4GB RAM, 40 GB of disk and 1 external IP for 1 year! This offer is strictly for users with no compute resources. We have up to 500 resource packs in our stock. Join the more.cyclades.users project now!

Still want more? More goodies are coming soon:

  • Share compute resources with colleagues: members of the same project will be able to share resources between them. Let your colleagues restart your VM, pass your disk volume around as if it were a USB stick, use the IP of a partner, or connect VMs of different owners on the same private network.
  • Detachable disk volumes: you will be able to attach and detach volumes from your VMs.
  • Rethink Pithos+ Web UI: it is modern, faster, easier to use, and lets you do more. And it's pretty, too! There is a new and intuitive sharing mechanism, and a new capability to assign your storage containers to different projects. Thanks to the clean-cut and responsive design you can also access your data from touch devices. There is more: a choice of themes, resumed uploads, per-container URLs.
  • Import external images with ICaaS: through a simple UI, ICaaS modifies an external image (currently from Bitnami) to make it ~okeanos-ready and store it in Pithos+. You won't have to set up manually your Wordpress or Joomla VM: just import the corresponding image in your account and deploy it when needed.

Unwrap the new apps, enjoy the resources, and let us know what you think. We always appreciate it when we keep in touch!

See you next year,
The ~okeanos team

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