• 08 MAR 2013


    Introducing the new "Usage" feature
    Today we will introduce the new "Usage" feature, that just showed up on ~okeanos.

    As you may already have noticed, there have been some changes to your "accounts" page, from where you used to manage your profile, change your password and send us feedback. First of all, we changed its name. From "accounts" it is now called "~okeanos dashboard". That's because, this page will be enhanced with additional features in the future and will not stay limited to managing just your profile information. Eventually, it will be turned into a generic dashboard that will allow you to ... read more

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  • 04 MAR 2013


    Hello ~okeanos users,

    The ~okeanos upgrade finished successfully, although it took us a couple of hours more, due to an unexpected incident. There might still be some side glitches, please report them if you stumble upon them. One could say that everything would be just plain boring if the unexpected never happened, but we prefer to believe the illusion that next time we will be able to predict *everything* :)

    So, we would like to thank you for your patience and will strive not only to stay on time in the future, but also ... read more

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  • 26 FEB 2013


    Hello ~okeanos users,

    We are happy to announce that on Monday, Mar 4 2013 10:00-15:00 we will be doing a major upgrade to the ~okeanos service, with a new version of the Synnefo software.

    During the upgrade, the ~okeanos service Web UI and APIs will be down, however as usual your VMs and Pithos+ files should remain unaffected.

    After the upgrade, you will be able to use some really interesting new features, which we will be showing off in an upcoming blog post after Monday.

    Thanks for ... read more

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  • 04 FEB 2013


    We'd like to inform you about scheduled network maintenance in our Datacenter between 17:00-20:00 EEST on Monday, Feb 04 2013.

    Your VMs and Pithos+ files should remain unaffected. The maintenance is expected to cause minor disruptions to the ~okeanos service, with transient loss of connectivity to the VMs, Cyclades and Pithos+ Web UIs and their APIs. We cannot exclude longer periods of connectivity loss within this window, but we will strive to keep them to a minimum.

    Thanks for your understanding,
    the ~okeanos team

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  • 11 JAN 2013


    Hello ~okeanos alpha users,

    Don't mean to interrupt, hopefully most of you are busy using the various aspects of the ~okeanos service such as the private networks between your VMs, the Pithos+ storage, the custom image creation, the fast netw-
    Rewind it.
    Play it again.
    Yes, you've heard right, custom image creation! If you've pondered how cool it'd be to upload and use your own machine on the ~okeanos service, then we have a treat for you.
    In this guide you will find all the needed info, ... read more

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