10 DEC 2014


UPDATE: Upgrade works completed successfully

Due to extended power upgrade works in our datacenter, the ~okeanos service will be disrupted between 07:00 EET and 23:30 EET on Saturday, December 13. The running Cyclades VMs will be temporary shut down during the planned maintenance, and they will be automatically restarted when works end. The planned works are not expected to affect Pithos+.

Note that if you have long running jobs or services you should ensure that they are at a stable state before the upgrade. To do that you can shut them down pro-actively before 07:00 EET, Saturday, December 13.

The works that affect the entire facility (not just the datacenter) are necessary to upgrade the power capacity and will be carried out by authorized personnel.

Shutting down VMs, even temporarily, is not something we do lightheartedly. However, if we would encounter unforeseen problems in the upgrade process we would not be able to maintain all the infrastructure in reserve power for an extended period of time. Although the probability of this happening is miniscule, this could result in uncontrolled shut downs and data loss.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

The ~okeanos team.

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