04 JUL 2016


Big news about Big Data: ~orka platform is out!

Beware! An ~orka is now "swimming" in the ~okeanos waters, representing what else? Big Data!

~okeanos and big data analytics can now be combined using the Hadoop ecosystem over the ~orka Platform.
But what does this practically mean? Well, now you can easily configure, spawn and maintain big data deployments in ~okeanos choosing from a variety of mature, well established tools and solutions around the Hadoop 2.x (YARN) ecosystem.
Select the flavours you need for master and slave nodes and move on to manage your cluster. Forgot to mention though; ~orka runs out-of-the-box: No hardware maintenance or software setup needed!

Brace comes more!

Creating Reproducible Hadoop clusters is now a piece of cake!
You can save the main attributes of a Hadoop cluster (even an existing one) plus the commands to execute on it, as instructions on a plain text file, and run them again at any time, with the same or different variables, or share it with another ~okeanos user who can easily verify your algorithm and findings!

Isn't this enough?

Running MapReduce algorithms couldn't be easier!
~orka platform can utilise Pithos+ as a storage backend so that you can run your MapReduce algorithms with input and output directly from/to Pithos+ files. Simple, isn't it?

Don't waste any more time! Create your Personal Orka Server and explore the services using the GUI offered, or the Command Line Interface if you prefer the advanced way. :)

As always, don't forget to send us your feedback!

the ~okeanos team

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