• 10 APR 2014


    Have you checked your heart lately? Good.
    How about your OpenSSL library? No? Well, you should.

    There is a rather dangerous OpenSSL bug on the wild, that affects versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f (inclusive). Briefly, all services that employ HTTPS and use the buggy OpenSSL library are exposed to sensitive information leaks. Passwords, certificates and just about anything you want to keep private can be stolen. For a more thorough explanation on this subject, we suggest you read this site, which has all the information you need.

    The ... read more

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  • 23 DEC 2013


    Hello okeanos users,

    Many of you have already noticed that the beta version of ~okeanos manages your IPs in a new way. Our previous blog post explains what are the new features. We will provide some excerpts of this blog post below:

    Public IPs

    Next to your 'machines' and 'networks' two new tabs just appeared. The first one reads 'public IPs'. Until now, every machine that you created got connected to the public network (Internet) and was automatically assigned a public IPv4 by the ~okeanos infrastructure. Although this was sufficient for most of you, our advanced users asked ... read more

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  • 09 DEC 2013


    Brand new virtual hardware for your VMs (Reboot required)
    Hello everybody,

    Beta is closing up and new stuff is already here! Today, we upgraded the virtual hardware for your VMs in the latest and greatest version. This means that any new VMs you create will run on the new virtual hardware.

    We also know that everybody would like their old machines (which are already running with old virtual hardware) to get upgraded too. So, we've got you covered too. Just reboot your old machines from the ~okeanos Web UI and they will automatically get ugraded to the new virtual hardware. Note that rebooting ... read more

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  • 17 JUL 2013


    New openSUSE Image!
    Hello everybody,

    As you may have noticed, a new Image has appeared under System Images. And yes, it is openSUSE! Many of our users had asked if we could provide an official openSUSE image, so there you have it!

    ~okeanos now supports openSUSE all the way, which means there are also official packages of the kamaki command-line client and the snf-image-creator tool for the ~okeanos advanced users.

    So, go ahead. Take them for a spin and see how it goes.

    the ~okeanos team

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  • 23 MAY 2013


    The daemon comes to ~okeanos
    Hello happy ~okeanos users,

    Today we have a treat for everybody who would like a taste of real UNIX, coming all the way from the good old days.

    The first FreeBSD image is now available for use on ~okeanos. Try it out!

    Create your own VM, check out how original UNIX feels and let us know what you think.

    the ~okeanos team

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