12 MAY 2016


Hello everybody,

Easter has passed but hopefully you wouldn't say no to one last Easter Egg full of little surprises! The new Synnefo version 0.17 has just been released and we are pretty sure you will get excited with all the new features.

Let's see what is hidden into it:

Pithos+ Web UI: rewritten from scratch, it is modern, faster and easier to use. In other words, it looks good and lets you do more. Thanks to the new, responsive layout and revised functional design, Pithos+ is now accessible and functional on touch devices. The intuitive sharing mechanism, and the ability to reassign storage containers to different projects, makes collaboration easy. Don't forget to mention the choice of themes, resumable uploads and per-container URLs.

Detachable Volumes: have you ever wanted to transfer your data from one VM to another? Well, now you can! Create a volume, attach it to your archipelago VM, load it with data, detach it from your VM and attach it to another VM. As simple as a USB stick... just enjoy!

VM Password Reminder: the safety and security of your resources have always been our top priority. This is the reason we used to give you just one chance to write down your new VM's password. Do you need more chances? No problem! We devised a novel mechanism for securely preserving your password over a short period of time. Now you will be able to ask for a password reminder.

As always, do not hesitate to send us your feedback!

the ~okeanos team

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