01 MAY 2015


Our fast and reliable network object storage Archipelago is thriving. About 60% (over 3000) of the running VMs use Archipelago.This is very encouraging for us, spurring us to go further with our storage innovation plans.
At the same time, it means that we are getting close to our current maximum capacity set aside for Archipelago storage.

To ensure the stability and the performance of the currently running VMs, and of the service as a whole, we need to stabilise our storage demands. So, for the next few months we will not allow the creation of Archipelago VMs.

Of course, you are always able to create the traditional, standard-storage VMs, so we hope that this will not affect your use of ~okeanos. Moreover, we are working hard towards extending the overall storage capacity with new, faster and more reliable hardware; in a short time we will be able to offer you both more and better storage for your VMs.

Also, we will be performing a major upgrade this Monday (May 4th, 2015), during the weekly maintenance window, in order to increase the stability of the service.

Stay tuned for new releases, features, and hardware updates.

posted by okeanos on May 1, 2015, 7:06 p.m., filed under all , news , status , cyclades

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